Virginia’s Story

Victim: Virginia Bremner
Story by: Virginia Bremner
Author's Relationship to Victim: I am the Victim
Was Justice Done?: In Progress
Type of Crime: Family Fraud

I worked as a volunteer in a hospital for 50 years.

At the most vulnerable time in my life, when I was grieving the loss of my husband of 60 years, my caregiver misused his power of attorney and took almost all of my money.

I have been in court for the last 2 years fighting to get it all back. I need my money to survive.

It’s way too easy, and with very little consequences, to steal money from senior citizens. Most are too weak and ashamed to fight for themselves. The system just doesn’t support or listen to them.

When you struggle to make it through your day, where do you find the energy to go to court, just to get your own money back?

I just want my family back the way it was so we can love each other in my final years.

Something needs to change. Our society needs to protect it’s seniors.

– Virginia Bremner